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Ambassadors have committed to help us fight maternal and infant mortality in Haiti and will stop at seemingly nothing so that we may continue this work. Many have volunteered with us but others have not. All have given their time and resources so generously to increase awareness in their communities that we humbly salute them as Ambassadors to Midwives For Haiti.

Cheryl Hanna-Truscott

Cheryl Hanna-Truscott 
(pictured above with MFH translator, Bengie Seme) has been a longtime midwife volunteer and photographer for Midwives For Haiti. Many of the images we use on our website, communications, and marketing materials are hers. Her work has appeared in various publications and won several awards. We are incredibly grateful for her talent and generosity.  Cheryl says: “As a former midwife and current photographer, I am deeply honored to share images and stories generated within the Midwives for Haiti community. Through the power of story telling, the impersonal becomes authentic, connections are made, empathy is generated. In fact, in 2019 Midwives for Haiti gave the Sarah Taylor Volunteer Award to Cheryl Hanna-Truscott.
Two seemingly disparate thoughts come to mind when I think about how I became involved with Midwives for Haiti. One was that during my mid-twenties, I decided I would someday study traditional midwifery somewhere in the Caribbean. The other was when I myself was a pregnant midwife and had spent a long and difficult night with two laboring women, both in need of obstetrical intervention. Without intervention, these women and their babies would have faced severe morbidity or even death – and I was tearfully and profoundly grateful that I was a midwife in this century with access to life-saving technology.

Fast-forward thirty to forty years. I realized AFTER returning from my first trip to Haiti in 2011 that Haiti is, in fact, a Caribbean country AND that I had met with Traditional Birth Attendants (matrons) from a village near Hinche, eager to share their stories, learn new skills, and make connections with Midwives for Haiti. More importantly, I am thankful that skills taught to both matrons and Skilled Birth Attendants by Midwives for Haiti HAVE already saved countless lives of mothers and babies – and that women and families reached through this empowering organization can hope for continued access to quality maternity care.” See more of Cheryl’s work.


Our Volunteers

Truth be told, our volunteers are Ambassadors to Midwives for Haiti each time they spend a week in Hinche!  Most volunteers are touched by their experience and return home as advocates for our work in the Central Plateau.  Some veteran volunteers go the extra mile in this advocacy and fundraising. This Ambassador participated in the $3,000 Challenge during our spring fundraiser for the Mobile Prenatal Clinic and prefers to remain unnamed, but travels yearly to spend a week with the eager students and hardworking people of Haiti.
“The first year I volunteered, Mobile Prenatal Clinics went to 6 or 8 villages,” she says, “and Hospital Ste. Therese had no running water or electricity for hours per day.  With each return visit, I see huge improvements – not only in quality of life (there are now paved roads and electric power to Hinche!), but also in the quality and capability of the students and curriculum.  In addition to saving mothers, babies and families, Midwives for Haiti has positively impacted numerous layers of social and economic systems in Hinche.  I chose Midwives for Haiti as my medical volunteer organization because they were teaching Haitians how to care for Haitians – not just provide a few weeks of care.  MFH has overwhelmingly exceeded my expectations, and I keep returning!  Oh! And I just LOVE the bananas!”