Job Description Operations Manager - Midwives For Haiti

Job Description Operations Manager

Job Description Operations Manager


The Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing the Hinche office finances, HR for Haitian employees and inventory and supply management for residence and programs at Midwives for Haiti central office in Hinche, Haiti. The role includes skill in human resource management, finances and accounting, and supply management. This role will work closely with other management staff to ensure quality programing.



  • Develops and maintains the employment schedules of residence employees to include drivers, security, housekeepers, cooks, grounds keepers  
  • Supervises all residence employees and ensures job duties are being performed according to their job description
  • Oversee leave requests for staff managed and ensure backup/replacement of staff when needed
  • Maintain employee contract database
  • Enter all leave requests for all Haitian staff into database
  • Follow MFH policy and procedures regarding disciplinary actions



  • Submit payment for monthly taxes of Haitian employees
  • Oversee annual Matrical Fiscal
  • Manage holiday pay for essential office and residence employees
  • Complete monthly reconciliation of all spending and send to US Finance Director
  • Distribute tips as collected by the Volunteer Coordinator from volunteers to appropriate staff
  • Oversee payment for office and residence utilities
    • Internet
    • Electricity
  • Oversee payroll for part-time contractors, such as:
    • Motorcycle drivers
    • Part time translators
    • Technicians



  • Ensure proper maintenance of vehicles, generator, inverter, house utilities (stoves, gas lines, refrigerators, etc..)
    • Contract maintenance of equipment
  • Oversee inventory control  
    • Order medication and supplies as indicated by clinical director, clinical assistant and regional manager
    • Delegate staff and driver to pick up items in Port-au-Prince monthly
    • Create electronic system to keep track of supplies donated, purchased and used
  • Manage, delegate and approve purchasing of office and residence supplies
    • Food items purchased by cooks
    • Food items for residence staff
    • Water
    • Gasoline and diesel for vehicles, motorcycle and generator
    • Propane
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Etc.



  • Professional degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Logistics, Supply Management or a related degree
  • Fluent English, Creole and French
  • Proficiency in Excel
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Professional writing ability
  • Dynamic systems thinker
  • HR management
  • Drivers license


Start Date: April 2019

Work Days: Monday- Friday, 8 AM- 4PM with on call  evenings and weekends

Placement: Hinche, Haiti