Job Description Volunteer and Residence Coordinator – Midwives For Haiti

Job Description Volunteer and Residence Coordinator

Job Description: Volunteer and Residence Coordinator


  • Department: Administration
  • Position Information: Full-time appointment in Hinche, Haiti
  • Compensation: Stipend; Room and board
  • Start Date: August 1, 2019
  • Length of commitment: 12 month, renewable
  • Reports to: Program and Partnerships Director


Job Summary:

The goal of Midwives For Haiti (MFH) is to improve access to maternal healthcare by increasing the number of skilled birth attendants available in Haiti by providing a free but rigorous 18 month Skilled Birth Attendant (SBA) certificate program to Haitian nurses. Our main focus is our educational program, which most of our clinical activities revolve around. Please refer to our website to learn more about our programs at  

Midwives for Haiti is seeking a Volunteer and Residence Coordinator to be a host at our main residence in Hinche, Haiti. Main responsibilities include: scheduling and hosting volunteers, supporting volunteer orientation, maintaining the volunteer space, and facilitating transportation and translation services for volunteers and staff when needed.

The Volunteer and Residence Coordinator must maintain equanimity in the midst of a busy crowd and be willing to work irregular hours. He/She should enjoy working with people and be friendly and approachable. He/She must also be self-reliant, hard working, mature, and able to work well in an interdisciplinary team with both foreign and national staff. Additionally the Volunteer and Residence Coordinator must be able to work in an often resource limited environment and appropriately manage volunteer expectations. Must be comfortable using internet, excel, word.


1. Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Volunteer Recruitment and Orientation

  • Oversee volunteer application process, refer candidates for interview, conduct interviews, ensure proper documentation is submitted and verify active licensure with Administrative Director in the US.
  • Ensure volunteers receive proper information and orientation prior to their arrival, managing volunteer expectations and prioritizing safety.
  • Clearly communicate payment policies.
  • Communicate with volunteers to create program schedules, verify help needed in both clinical and education settings with Clinical and Education Directors; Ensure volunteer schedules are made in consideration of regular MFH programming and resources available.
  • Conduct in-country orientation of newly arrived volunteers on Saturdays; Welcome and orient volunteers to the house and to the hospital in addition to familiarizing them to all of MFH’s programs; Review the week’s schedule with the volunteer.


2. In Country Volunteer Coordination and Support

  • Coordinate logistics and transportation for volunteers during their stay
  • Schedule and notify interpreters in advance, report hours worked to Operations Manager
  • Provide proper emotional support and debriefing for volunteers during their stay as well as information or resources on advocacy and fundraising
  • Document any incidents involving safety and poor performance that occur between volunteers and staff through the incident reporting process
  • Listen to and record the needs of MFH volunteers, communicate feedback at weekly staff meetings and make changes accordingly with support of management staff
  • Serve as a liaison between volunteers and program staff and serve as a representative of MFH to all visitors
  • Serve as liaison contact for logistics and planning for large visiting groups and conduct house, hospital and program tours
  • Coordinate overnight stays for non-MFH related groups
  • Collect any tips volunteers wish to give and forward them to the Operations Manager for distribution
  • Coordinate with local artisans to provide shopping opportunity for volunteers


3. Volunteer Residence Support

  • Ensure rooms and beds are prepared for volunteers and visitors on a weekly basis
  • Delineate resident staff and volunteer house chores
  • Ensure adequate food and supplies are available in house for volunteers by regularly communicating with Operations Manager and Cooks
    • Provide Operations Manager and cooks with a monthly schedule with approximate number of volunteers and any special needs
    • Provide Residence Supplies Assistant with daily-weekly or as needed, list of foods to be purchased for resident and volunteer breakfast and snacks


4. Social Media and Alumni Support

  • Encourage MFH volunteers to document their work through short stories, photographs and videos; Forward all material to Communications team
  • Maintain contact with volunteer alumni and donor base through social media, including MFH’s fan page on facebook


5. Other Duties

  • Coordinate donations with Operations Manager and Clinical Supplies Assistant and ensure a record is maintained of donated goods
  • Support management staff with various activities, including coordination of large events. Events may include: graduation, staff holiday party, bi-annual continuing education, etc.
  • Support management in designing and implementing programs and policies to improve the volunteer experience


Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Haitian National, preferred
  • Proficiency in speaking and writing English and Haitian Creole preferred
  • Bachelor’s Degree, preferred
  • Excellent multi-tasking and communication skills
  • Strong social skills
  • Computer skills, Microsoft Word & Excel


Work Environment:

1. Foster a professional attitude and environment

     a. Maintain an environment of mutual respect, discipline and understanding, with other house workers, occupants and volunteers.

                    i.Refrain from gossiping about MFH employees or volunteers

                    ii. Receive constructive feedback from management staff with openness and willingness to reflect, improve and problem solve

     b. Care for the equipment and property of Midwives For Haiti with respect and good stewardship


2. Must adhere to core expectations

Any employee of Midwives For Haiti will adhere to the core values of the organization.  Our core values include:

     a. Genuine Partnership– We will strive to be in genuine partnership with those who share our vision.

     a. Education– We will deliver education that enables critical thinking and competent autonomous practice.

     b. Compassion– We will embody the compassionate service that is an essential characteristic of quality healthcare.

     c. Faith– We will act with the belief that change can occur, one person at a time, and through the efforts of small groups of people who believe it can.

     d. Pragmatic Solidarity– We will strive to find culturally and resource-appropriate solutions to community-identified problems by means of respectful communication with the communities we serve.

How To Apply:

Send your resume and cover letter to