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One family, many voices

Thanks to you, our family of donors, our End of Year Campaign was a great success.  This just proves that even a global pandemic cannot keep up down!  We raised a total of $128,400 to support our compassionate, evidence based programming.  A huge thank you to everyone who donated or shared our campaign.  We could not have done it without you!

Dear Ones,

When a woman goes into labor, there are just so many unknowns. Will it be quick, or last days? Will everything go smoothly, or will there be complications?  In many places in the world, mothers wonder if they will even survive.

2020 was a lot like that:  so many questions, so many unknowns. At times we have all wondered if we will even make it through. Between politics, Covid-19, the economy, job stress…it is a marvel that we are still standing.

But, thanks to the generosity of you, our donor family, Midwives for Haiti is not only standing, we are joyfully looking forward to next year.    We have shown our  strength and that we are capable of meeting challenges with  resilience and flexibility.

When Covid hit Haiti, we rallied, sourcing PPE, medications and supplies, even as our supply chain dwindled.  When our students were able to return to class, we built an outdoor classroom, one where they could learn in a safe, appropriately distanced environment.  

And when mothers were afraid to come to the hospital to give birth, we countered with education and knowledge so they could keep themselves safe.  We also provided extra clean birth kits and N95 masks to our traditional birth attendant colleagues, as they were inundated with births.  And through it all, our staff at Ste Therese Hospital and the Carrie Wortham Birth Center caught over 3000 babies, our community clinic midwives continued to provide comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care, and our students have all passed every single exam they sat.   They are the next generation of Haitian midwives, and they are poised for greatness.

Like all families, our strength comes from our diversity.  Our Haitian midwives and staff, our international support team, and our donors are each indispensable parts of the whole, a whole which is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts.    

We thank you for your past generosity, and ask for your continued support for the coming year. All of us, every member of the MFH family, shares a common vision. We can see a world in which mothers are treated with respect and dignity, a world where no woman fears for her life in childbirth. Every member of our family plays a crucial role in bringing this dream to life, and with your help, I KNOW we can do this.  

May peace and happiness fill your new year, and know you always have a place in our hearts.

Love always,