Claudie Exume is a graduate of our 4th class. She has been working at Hospital St. Therese since February of 2012. When we asked her why she wanted to be a midwife, she told us this story:  “When I had my first son in 2004, I suffered a lot. I gave birth to him at Ste. Therese and back then there was only one midwife for the whole hospital. I was already working in healthcare then as an auxilliare nurse, and I knew there were a lot of people in my hometown of Dos Palais who were dying in childbirth. So I thought if I went into women’s health I could help my community. I first looked at the school in Port-au-Prince, but their enrollment for the year was already over. Then I heard about Midwives for Haiti.”
We now pay the salaries of 18 midwives working at Ste. Therese Hospital so that mothers coming here can have 24/7 respectful midwifery care. It’s not an easy task to pay so many salaries- which is why we fundraise for some of them- but it is an essential investment in the lives of so many.  Day in and day out, we see the benefits- mothers no longer have to suffer during childbirth or die from preventable causes because skilled birth attendants like Claudie are there to provide quality maternal care.  We believe in Claudie and the work she does and we hope you do, too.


We need help paying all of Claudie’s $4160 annual salary. However much you can help, please do. You can pay all or some, as a one-time payment or recurring donation. Please email info@midwivesforhaiti.org with any questions or to inquire more about this sponsorship.