Salnave Pierre is a Skilled Birth Attendant (SBA) at Ste. Therese Hospital and graduate of our 5th class. Salnave’s desire to serve women and improve maternal health in Haiti is very personal- his mother, pregnant with his sixth sibling, had a sudden and severe hemorrhage when she was eight months pregnant and died.

Salnave became an auxiliary nurse in Port-au-Prince and worked in Bien Fiance Hospital in Pigon before joining our training program in Hinche. He is married and has three teenage children (19, 18, and 14).

About his work, Salnave says:

 “I work mostly in the family planning part of the prenatal clinic. But I also like to work nights in maternity- there is more of a need and there is more going on. There are many more women giving birth at night, but it’s hard because there is often no electricity at night in the hospital so I have to use headlamps or telephone flashlights during births. I know that I’m making a difference in the lives of my patients because many people come to the hospital and ask for me. It’s nice to know that people value the care I give and that I’m given as a reference.”


Join Team Salnave… If 23 sponsors contribute $15 monthly, Salnave’s salary of $320/month will be paid and he can keep doing this important work!

Salnave will provide quality maternal care and manage about 165 births annually. His monthly salary is $320, and annual salary (including the customary holiday bonus) is $4160.

As his contributing sponsor, your donation will go directly to Salnave. You will also receive a tax-deductible receipt, a photo and thank you letter from Salnave,  and bi-monthly email updates on his work.

Below you will find the link to donate via debit/credit card to contribute to Salnave’s salary. There are three ways to contribute:

1) One-time payment: $15 x 12 = $180 (or any amount above this that you are comfortable with). Select “one-time” as payment option. 
2) Recurring donation: Please select “monthly” as donation method, and any increment of $15 in  “amount.” You can cancel at any time.
3) Via check: If you’d prefer to send a monthly or annual check, please let us know via email info@midwivesforhaiti.org and then mail to: Midwives For Haiti, 7130 Glen Forest Dr. Ste 101, Richmond, VA 23226 (with “Salnave” in memo line)

We will update this page when Salnave’s salary is fully funded. Thank you so much!