Fundraising Kit - Midwives For Haiti

Fundraising Kit



Spreading the word and gaining financial support to increase access to life-saving prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care in Haiti is vital to end preventable maternal and infant deaths.


There are many ways to support the Skilled Birth Attendants, mothers, and children of Haiti. Here are a few successful fundraising ideas that volunteers have done in the past:
  • Dedicate a baby shower, a birth, wedding, birthday or other life celebration.
  • Host a silent auction or wine tasting party.
  • Start a matching donation program with your employer.
  • Run a race or marathon in our honor.
  • Form a team to adopt an SBA or rural clinic.
  • Ask your community group or church for support

All funds raised will go directly to your chosen project.

(If an online crowdfunding page like Every Day Hero, Crowdrise, or GoFundMe is used for volunteer fees, please keep in mind that a processing fee is taken from funds raised.)


Please download and print all of the following materials to help engage your communities, raise funds for your trip to Haiti, or fundraise for Midwives For Haiti programs. You can also email us to request materials be mailed to you:

Mobile Clinic 2014 (4)


  • Start an online crowdfunding campaign to raise general donations. This is a great way to raise awareness and spread the word about your fundraiser. Your funds will go directly to us.
    • If you are raising money towards your volunteer program fees, please use Crowdrise ONLY. Money raised on Crowdrise goes directly to MFH and we can only count it towards your program fees. Any surplus will go towards supporting our programs. (Please note that like similar platforms, Crowdrise charges are about 8% fees per transaction. If you are fundraising your program costs, your goal should be program fee + about 8%.)
    • If you would like to fundraise the cost of your travel, any supplies, and program fees together, we recommend using a site like GoFundMe or YouCaring as funds will go to you and you can distribute accordingly.
    • Only donations made directly on our site or through Crowdrise will receive a tax-deductible receipt.
  • Read and share articles from our Newsroom
  • Films on Midwives For Haiti by Every Mother Counts


  • Network on social media, send direct mail, and email your community
  • Organize a fun event- a party, a concert, a sale- with a portion of the proceeds going to a selected project or our general fund
  • Give a presentation to your local Rotary, church, or to anyone who you think might listen
  • Use our films, images and supporting materials to show the difference we are making
  • Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to support you
  • Ask your employer to match donations