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Maternal Health Issues In Haiti



Causes of maternal death

  • Hemorrhage
  • Sepsis
  • Complications resulting from unsafe abortion
  • Prolonged or obstructed labor
  • Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (eclampsia or pre-eclampsia)

Barriers to Accessing Care

  • Delay 1: Delay in recognizing the problem
  • Delay 2: Delay in deciding to seek care (inaccessible health facility, fear of costs, lack of resources to pay for services, supplies and medicines)
  • Delay 3: Delay in reaching the health facility (no transport available, unaware of appropriate referral facility)
  • Delay 4: Delay in receiving adequate treatment once a woman has arrived at the health facility (health facility not adequately equipped, lack of trained personnel, emergency medicines, blood)

When do Maternal deaths occur?

  • 20% occur 7 days after delivery
  • 50% occur within the first 24 hours after delivery
  • 25% occur during pregnancy
  • 5% occur 2-6 weeks after delivery

Preparedness and Readiness Saves Lives

  • Know what to expect during pregnancy, including the expected date of delivery, danger signs and self-care during pregnancy (nutrition and reduction of workload)
  • Plan the appropriate location for the delivery
  • Choose a skilled provider
  • Have the needed supplies to conduct a clean and safe delivery
  • Make a plan for the skilled attendant to reach the woman’s home or for the woman to reach the skilled attendant at the onset of labor
  • Plan appropriate care for the postpartum mother and newborn
  • Identify support people to help with transportation, care of children/household, and accompany the woman to a health facility in an emergency
  • Be able to identify the signs of an obstetric emergency
  • Know the importance of seeing care without delay when complications occur
  • Have a plan to be able to respond immediately in the event of an emergency to avoid delays in treatment
  • Know the location of the nearest health facility where Emergency Obstetric Care is available
  • Have a means of traveling to this facility
  • Set aside funds for medical care in advance so that the woman can reach appropriate medical facilities as quickly as possible

Six Cleans for Labor and Birth

  • Clean hands
  • Clean perineum
  • Clean delivery surface
  • Clean cord-cutting instrument
  • Clean cord care (clean cord ties and cutting instrument)
  • Nothing unclean introduce into vagina