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End of Year Campaign 2022

End of Year Campaign: Lights in the Darkness

Dear Ones,

2022 was a year of highs and lows in Haiti. We have had so many triumphs! The new Carrie Wortham Birth Center is nearing completion. This has been a dream here at Midwives for Haiti for years. Finally, our own building, constructed specifically for the needs of birthing women. Tranquility and peace radiate throughout the site. From the oversized windows with stunning views, to the strategically designed air flow so necessary in the tropics, this building is amazing. Additionally, it is entirely current with the latest earthquake safety codes, taking measures to mitigate this ever present danger in Haiti.
The students at the Nadene Brunk Eads school are our most well educated, best prepared class ever. Their test scores are the highest since our inception, and their mark on Haiti will be real and lasting. Our new campus and our landlords are both beautiful and support our vision. We couldn’t ask for more!

Our community clinic manager, Miss Val, has been pioneering a new model of grassroots cooperative care, along with our dedicated midwives. So many villages need a clinic in their area; there is no way we can staff and fund them all. So, we ask each village to provide a building, a qualified staff member, and provide their own supplies. In return, we adopt their nurse or midwife and bring them onto our team for six months. We then return them to their home clinic, with monthly check-ins for the next six months, as well as any technical expertise they may require. Community ownership at its best!

Of course, there have been so many challenges. As I write this in early November, Haiti is in the grips of gang violence and economic crisis, a treacherous combination beyond anything Haiti has ever experienced. The Haitian gourde is in freefall, inflation is over 30%, and runs on banks are common. Durable goods have tripled in price, and schools are closed. Kidnappings are up almost 60% over this time last year, and 70% of the country is facing food insecurity.  

But we continue because we must. There is no other choice. Our shared humanity unites us, and our love for pregnant women and their children motivates us. Our dedication to our community here is unwavering and absolute.

In this season of giving, we invite you to look inside your heart, at the faces of your children and grandchildren, and give generously. We cannot do this alone, nor do we wish to. Our campaign this year is “Lights in the Darkness,” and along with our staff, students, and patients, YOU can be one of those lights. 

Together we can ignite a spark of hope and joy that will save lives. Thank you for your unwavering support.

Love always,

Jane Drichta
Jane Drichta
Executive Director Midwives for Haiti