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Volunteer Program

Volunteer Opportunities

Our robust volunteer program has been a vital part of our work since the very beginning, and over half
our volunteers return for subsequent trips. Our past and current volunteers are a large part of the MFH
family, and we value their experience and contributions. The most successful volunteers are those who
are flexible, culturally humble, and above all, can model compassionate, loving care.


Are you a medical professional, ie midwife, doctor, nurse? Do you hold a license or certificate in your home country or state? We have various volunteering opportunities available for you, ranging from serving at an isolated rural birth center to teaching in our school for advanced obstetrical skills. Pick your
favorite for an in depth experience, or mix and match if you like variety!


While our need for non-medical volunteers is not as great, we do accept applications from paraprofessionals in the birth field. These include doulas, especially those with advanced lactation training, Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants, (IBCLCs) childbirth educators, etc. We also have an ongoing need for professional and semi professional photographers and videographers.
Paraprofessionals must have a work plan developed with our staff, and approved in advance by the pertinent department head.


It’s not all work on your visit to Haiti! This is one of the most fascinating countries in the world, with a complex, intricate history. Here at MFH, we believe that cultural solidarity can be achieved when people immerse themselves in a nation’s past AND present. To that end, we have a variety of experiences available to aid you in beginning to understand the many layers of Haiti. All are optional, and this list is ever changing and evolving. We like to stay open to all possibilities here, on all levels, physical, mental and spiritual. Transportation and translators are provided if necessary.

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I’m a many-times volunteer. Two things led me to choose Midwives For Haiti: Haitians are trained to care for their own communities, and volunteers kept going back. I wanted to be a part of something that midwives wanted to return to continue the work and that would be self-sustaining in the end. Midwives for Haiti accomplishes both!

Bobbi Kimsey, CNM

I believe in the mission to teach and train local midwives to increase internal capacity within the country. That causes more ripples than just spending a week in the country as a midwife.

Kristin Johnson, CNM

I started volunteering with Midwives For Haiti five years ago because I had heard great things about the organization and saw great need right after the earthquake. I keep volunteering each year because the organization is indeed wonderful and the change they have made is phenomenal!

Ellen Solis, CNM