Week 1 Update: Spring Fundraising Campaign 2024 - Midwives For Haiti
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Week 1 Update: Spring Fundraising Campaign 2024

Dear Ones,

A huge thank you to everyone who has reached out and supported us during our time of great need. Haiti remains chaotic, but we are holding on to hope that things improve. We had a successful first week, and have raised $13,300 of our $40,000 objective, including our $1000 one day kickoff goal!


This week we have shared some of the stories and challenges in our community clinics, and with your help, we are on our way to making up the $7000 shortfall in this program. We know you appreciate the lifesaving work our community clinic midwives perform every day.

Next week we have a challenge grant! The SG Foundation, a partner for many years now, has pledged a matching grant of up to $5000! This is a beautiful opportunity to double the impact of your donation. As always, you can donate online at www.midwivesforhaiti.org/donate, or send a physical check to:

The families that we serve are everything; they remind us that amidst the chaos of existence, there exists an eternal sanctuary of love, where miracles unfold with every breath. Thank you for coming on this journey with us.

Love Always,

Jane Drichta
Jane Drichta
Executive Director
Midwives for Haiti

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