Twinning – Midwives For Haiti


Our twinning program is an opportunity for healthcare practices or facilities abroad to develop collaborative relationships with one of MFH’s programs in Haiti.  We aim to create a more balanced distribution of resources, technical knowledge and expertise between our projects in Haiti and the global north.

Our goals are friendship, cooperation, and dignity.  Interested international healthcare groups would contribute a recurring monthly donation (tax deductible in the US), lend a hand with the occasional advice/consultation, and agree to spread the news of our work amongst their professional and personal networks.

MFH, in turn is excited to feature our ‘twins’ on our social media, this webpage and in printed literature.  We offer a discount on volunteer fees should anyone from a ‘twin’ organization wish to join us in Haiti, as well as printed and digital materials for use online, in your office, or in presentations to community groups. We also have some great MFH swag to share!

For more information, please email Jane at, and she would be delighted to help you find the program closest to your heart.


Cobblestone Midwifery

Cobblestone Midwifery is a boutique homebirth midwifery service located in Tennessee, USA.  Cobblestone has long been at the intersection of social justice and reproductive health care in the  Memphis area. As such, they are proud to support our house support staff in Hinche. For more information, please go to

Let it Be Birth

twining Picture2

Let it Be Birth was founded in 2008 in Washington State, USA, as an umbrella organization for families to find many types of perinatal support in the Greater Seattle area. Their services include birth and postpartum doulas, childbirth education, massage therapy, infant sleep specialists, and various perinatal professional training programs. They are passionate about compassionate support for all birthing people, and are also twinned with our unsung heroes, the house support staff. Find out more at