Week 2 Update: Spring Fundraising Campaign 2024 - Midwives For Haiti
MFH 2024 spring campaign week2

Week 2 Update: Spring Fundraising Campaign 2024

Dear Ones,

We hope this newsletter finds you well and filled with the same warmth and gratitude that we feel towards each and every one of you. Your continued support means the world to us, and we are excited to share some exciting updates from our spring campaign.

Together, we’ve made significant strides towards our goal of improving maternal and infant healthcare in Haiti. Our goal of $40,000 is getting closer and closer. To date we have raised  $17,753. We know that you have many competing demands on your hearts and on your wallets, and we appreciate your commitment to maternal health and midwifery care in Haiti.

MMFH 2024 spring campaign week2

While we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together, there is still much work to be done. Maternal and infant mortality rates in Haiti remain among the highest in the world, and the need for quality healthcare services is greater than ever, during this time of complete social and economic upheaval. 

Things remain dangerous and volatile. While the Transitional Presidential Council has been established, there is still a good amount of political gridlock. Violence remains the order of the day, making it almost impossible to move needed medications and supplies throughout the country. And as always, it is the women and children who suffer the most. 

MMFH 2024 spring campaign week2

As we move forward, we are committed to continuing our efforts to improve healthcare access and outcomes for mothers and babies in Haiti. With your ongoing support, we know that we can make a lasting impact on the lives of countless families.

We want to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of our supporters. Whether you’ve donated, volunteered, or simply helped spread the word about our cause, your contributions have made a real difference in the lives of the people we serve.

Together, we are making childbirth safer for mothers and babies in Haiti, one birth at a time.

Love Always,

Jane Drichta
Jane Drichta
Executive Director
Midwives for Haiti