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Mr. Midwife

When I was in Haiti recently, I had the pleasure of seeing one of our newest maternity staff at Hospital Ste. Therese, Guilet Enelus, in action. Guilet is a graduate of our 7th class and this is first permanent, full-time position after graduating in 2014. When I asked Guilet how his work was going, he said this: “It is not easy. This work is very strong!”

Over two days, I followed him on his rounds as he provided care to women. What I witnessed was an incredibly hard working young man who was committed to providing quality, gentle care to his Haitian sisters. He’d make mothers laugh and feel comfortable, speak kindly to the nurses, and teach students if they happened to be nearby. He was generous with his time and kindness, and he never stopped working.

Guilet very graciously let me follow him and around observe his work. This picture was taken after he had delivered a baby.
Guilet examines a woman with severe hypertension. He gave her medicine and kept her in the hospital after determining that she would need to have her baby soon so both would be safe.
Guilet prepares to suture a newly delivered mother.

Guilet’s $320/month salary is generously sponsored by the ACNM affiliate North Carolina nurse-midwives. Watching him at the hospital, there is no doubt in my mind that Guilet works incredibly hard for this salary and would make this group very proud. But, like all midwives, getting paid is clearly not his only objective. He has committed himself to giving more mothers and infants the kind of compassionate care they deserve. Guilet will continue to be a leader and asset to his community and for his talent and dedication, Midwives For Haiti is grateful.

-Summer Aronson, Communications Director