Volunteer Highlight: Sarah Taylor - Midwives For Haiti

Volunteer Highlight: Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor, midwife, visionary, educator, volunteer and so much more. Sarah is a midwife from Washington State that has been a long-time volunteer in Haiti since 2012. Along with her amazing contributions to our organization she has done volunteer work in many other third world countries around the world. Sarah has done so many wonderful things in Haiti including playing a major role in the set up of the Carrie Wortham Birthing Center in Cabestor, Haiti. Sarah is the author of the community health curriculum in our program that has been shared with so many other midwives and volunteers. With prior experience as the principal of a school in her community she has the special kind of drive, passion and discipline that makes her so successful in her volunteer work. Last year Sarah was the recipient of Midwives For Haiti’s Volunteer Award, highlighting all of her amazing contributions and stellar volunteer work. In the photo below you can see that she was featured on the back of our 2018 calendar doing what she does best, volunteering with a smile on her face. We are lucky to know and work with Sarah Taylor we are so proud of everything she has already accomplished and look forward to everything she is going to accomplish in our beautiful country of Haiti.

In this photo: Sarah Taylor with Marie Lerricile Charles, featured on the back of our 2018 calendar. | Photo Credit: Kate Noon

In this photo: Daisy Leslie: volunteer and Johnny Metelus: translator and Driver. Sarah Daisy and Johnny going on a postpartum home visit. | Photo Credit: Kate Noon