George Floyd: A Response from Midwives for Haiti - Midwives For Haiti

George Floyd: A Response from Midwives for Haiti

Dear Ones,

These past days following the devastating death of George Floyd have thrown the nature of the United States into sharp relief. The protests throughout the country and around the world are filled with chants of #blacklivesmatter and/or #icantbreath. Many have woken up to the realization that we can no longer sit in silence as these acts of violence and terror persist.

Midwives for Haiti’s faithfulness to equity, equality and compassion is complete and unwavering. We stand with the Black community in the US and around the world, in the fight against oppression, cruelty, and tyranny. We re-commit to our core values: partnership, compassion, faith, solidarity and education.

As a post graduate institution, we are constantly learning, whether we are students, teachers, staff members, volunteers, or a part of the extended MFH family. We invite you, as a part of this family, to join us in reflecting on the historical events which brought us here to this moment. We encourage you to examine today, these minutes and hours in which we can take initiative to strengthen our ties with our neighbors. And, we look forward, hopeful that the lessons our Black communities have been trying to teach for centuries, will finally be learnt. We strive to challenge our implicit biases in order to be better clinicians, students, teachers and community members.

As we look to the future, one which fully asserts that Black lives do matter, MFH will continually engage respectfully and lovingly with all. We will collectively seek ways to support and uplift and amplify voices and efforts of those working to fight against racial injustice.

George Floyd called for his mother, with his last few breaths. As maternal health workers and advocates, dedicated to nurturing families, we know how strong the bond is between mother and child. Let us honor that bond by supporting Black mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters, as we move forward together.

Love always,
Jane Drichta
Executive Director
Midwives for Haiti