GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT: "100 Under $100" Book Available! - Midwives For Haiti

GET IT WHILE IT’S HOT: “100 Under $100” Book Available!

book cover 100 Under $100

100 Under $100 is an informative resource for empowering women worldwide. Midwives For Haiti is mentioned and a few photos by our friend, Cheryl Hanna-Truscott, are featured. But that’s not the only reason you should consider buying it! From their website:

“100 Under $100 explains, in easily understood prose, the challenges faced by the world’s billion+ most impoverished women. These women work incredibly hard, held back by a dearth of resources and education, little access to health care, and discriminatory legal and financial services. With better tools and expanded access, women’s hard work will be more productive, yielding better outcomes for them, their families and their communities. The highlighted tools will provide women a toe-hold to climb the ladder out of extreme poverty.”

The book is a great resource and gift idea for anyone who cares deeply about empowering women. Click on the above picture linkto buy the book. Be sure to write “Midwives For Haiti” in the Book Partner line. The author, Betsy Teutsch, will ship it directly to you (within the U.S.) and then she’ll send us $10 towards our programs to reduce maternal mortality in Haiti. Win-win.