Spotlight: Guillet Enelus, Graudate + Hospital Staff - Midwives For Haiti

Spotlight: Guillet Enelus, Graudate + Hospital Staff

To ensure access to 24/7 maternity care at Hospital Ste. Therese, the public referral hospital in the Central Plateau of Haiti, Midwives For Haiti recently hired two new staff members (taking our total paid staff at the hospital to 16). The following interview is with Guillet Enelus, skilled attendant and graduate of our training program.


Guillet, what does it mean to be a midwife in Haiti?

In Haiti, when you say someone is a midwife, that comes with a great responsibility. In helping to give life, midwives are called to help pregnant women and babies. Midwives should always be there for their patients in good times and in bad times.

What is your greatest hope?

My greatest hope is that I will never become discouraged with any patient; whether rich or poor, I hope I can give them the help and care that they need.

What are you hoping for in your new job?

With my new job, I hope that I can be a good midwife for all patients and that I’ll collaborate well with the other midwives. I owe them respect and they owe me respect, too.

Guillet’s annual salary of $4160 was generously sponsored by ACNM affiliate North Carolina nurse-midwives.

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