INTO THESE HANDS - Midwives For Haiti


After ten months of intense classroom time,  we are thrilled to report that our 8th class of Skilled Birth Attendants recently completed their didactic studies! All have successfully passed their final exams and have now been sent to various hospitals, birth centers, and clinics throughout Haiti to practice their knowledge and new skills in the clinical portion of this year long course in Advanced Obstetrics. But, before these students parted ways for the next several months, they gathered one last time and shared stories and experiences. There were many laughs and there were many tears!

Then, guided by our Education Director, CC Couzelis, and lead instructors, Limone Clerveau and Genette Thelesmond, each student received a “Blessing Of The Hands” ceremony. It is into these hands that Haiti’s next generation will be born.

These next 29 skilled birth attendants who will go on to ensure the safe birth and healthy beginnings of thousands of mothers and babies in Haiti each year. Graduation is this September, stay tuned! And if you’d like to support these students, our training program and work in Haiti, please click here.