Spotlight: Andrise Bien Aime - Midwives For Haiti

Spotlight: Andrise Bien Aime

We recently caught up with Andrise Bien Aime, Graduate of Class 6 in 2013, to see what she’s been up to. Turns out, a lot!

What have you been doing since graduation?

After graduation, I went to work in the MSPP clinic in Ti Lori, where I did prenatal consultations.  Now, however, I work at the MSPP clinic in Los Cacaos. There, I am responsible for all of women’s health at the clinic. We have prenatal consultations there, and are making preparations to start offering labor and delivery.

What was the most important thing you learned in class at Midwives for Haiti?

I learned how to give women prenatal consultations, and how to give education to women before their consultations.

You just had a baby? Do you use anything you learned in class with us or in your work with your new baby?

Yes, yes. I never knew how to take care of a baby before the Midwives for Haiti class. But now I put the lessons I learned into practice every day.

Where did you have your baby?

At Hospital St. Therese in Hinche. Midwives for Haiti graduate Ms. Guerlie was my midwife. She was not at work when I went into labor, but I called her to come and help me with my delivery.