Midwives in Motion: Week 2 Update - Midwives For Haiti

Midwives in Motion: Week 2 Update

I cannot thank those of you enough who have contributed to Midwives in Motion, our Spring Fundraising Campaign. Special thanks go to our FOUR new recurring monthly donors! This regular support makes it much easier for us to budget effectively. A recurring monthly donation of only $84 is $1000 a year! Can we get four more this week? Maybe even 5??

As you know, one of the main goals of this campaign is to support the new Carrie Wortham Birth Center which we are building in Fombrun as we speak. We cannot believe how fast the walls are going up! Incredible! Click here to see the video in our Youtube Channel

And of course, with each new phase, comes new costs. We are up to electrical wiring and plumbing. Not the most glamorous of chapters in our book, but so necessary. Being able to have running water and electricity will make so much difference in how we can safely perform our duties. Blood loss estimation, newborn examinations, vital signs…all are so much easier to assess when you can actually see, especially at night.

Midwives For Haiti Volunteer

For those of you who have volunteered with us before, this new birth center will be waiting to welcome you back! Covid numbers are down, and Hinche has remained peaceful since last October. We are looking at receiving volunteers in September.

Please get in touch with Jane at executive@midwivesforhaiti.org to discuss!

Along with gaining four new monthly supporters, we would love to sign up 50 more people for our Midwives in Motion Virtual 5K! And if you feel so drawn, there is space to sponsor a Haitian staff member in the race. So far we have ten sponsorships, and we would love to see all our midwives in motion! All shirts for Haitian staff members will be printed in Haiti, to help boost the local economy and to avoid shipping costs, so your sponsorships go even further!

Please register here: Midwives in Motion – Midwives For Haiti

Thank you again, for all your support, both in this specific campaign, and in the past. MFH is always in motion, and we just could not do this vital work without your loving support.


Jane Drichta
Jane Drichta
Executive Director
Midwives for Haiti
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