The Washington Post & More: Latest Stories On Midwives For Haiti - Midwives For Haiti

The Washington Post & More: Latest Stories On Midwives For Haiti

1. “I saw a lot of women who died during delivery, but I did not know how to help them.”

“Regulus was trained through a program operated by Midwives for Haiti. With funding from Every Mother Counts, a New York-based nonprofit founded by Christy Turlington Burns, and other donors, the program is working to change the statistics by training skilled birth attendants. Having skilled care at birth is considered the most important intervention to make childbirth safe.” –Read more from and see the visual narrative from The Washington Post.  Also check out The Lily, WaPo’s sister blog, for our feature story 


2. Experiences of pregnancy complications: Voices from central Haiti

“Their stories explain barriers and challenges to safe motherhood—serious limitations in transportation, staffing, and lack of the most basic of material resources, but also illustrate tremendous resiliency, spirituality, power of partnerships, and commonsense solutions to problems impacting maternal/newborn health in central Haiti.” –Read more on the perspectives of the people most affected by high maternal mortality rates in Haiti, the Haitian mothers and front-line health workers, in this academic article published in Health Care for Women International 


3. (PODCAST) Making an Impact One Mom at a Time: Midwives For Haiti

Nadene Brunk, Founder & Executive Director of Midwives For Haiti, talks about how she went to midwifery school at the age of 42 and founded MFH 12 years later, the challenges that moms and midwives face in Haiti, and how big and small donations make a significant difference in our daily quest to make childbirth safer. –Listen to the podcast (the interview begins around the 6-minute mark) for free at the iTunes store or The Broke Girls Guide to Giving (scroll down)


4.  World Alliance For Breastfeeding Action

Midwives For Haiti’s new Home Visit Program featured in the WABA newsletter: “We knew that many moms who came to our Mobile Prenatal Clinics in the villages outlying Hinche give birth with matwòns, or traditional birth attendants, at home. Unless these newly delivered moms came to a mobile clinic, they wouldn’t be receiving postnatal care. We knew the need for a skilled birth attendant to check on new moms and babies was strong, but starting a new program is always a challenge. Fortunately, we -and our volunteers- are always up for a good challenge.” –Read more in the “Working Together, Creating Partnerships” WABA newsletter


5. Lending a Helping Hand in Haiti

Washington nurse, Ann Marie Henninger, prepares for her first volunteer trip with Midwives For Haiti: “If there is anything I can do to assist Midwives for Haiti in their mission or to serve moms, babies and families in Haiti, I will do it.” – Read more in the Sequin Gazette


6. Empathy Global

“The most incredible part of this interview was to hear that they employ 52 native Haitians who are helping to aid in bringing down the mortality rate in their own country and who are now able to have a salary to feed their families and give their children an education.” –Read more at Empathy Global

Read more press about Midwives For Haiti. (Cover Photo: BD Colen)