Week 2 update: End of Year Campaign – Lights in the Darkness - Midwives For Haiti
Week 2 update: End of Year Campaign – Lights in the Darkness

Week 2 update: End of Year Campaign – Lights in the Darkness

Dear Ones,

Thank you for your continued support in our “Lights in the Darkness” holiday fundraising campaign! With your help we have collected $53,000 towards our $80,000 goal!

One of our biggest, most audacious dreams has been to have a birth center of our own. A place of tranquility, and respect, where mothers receive the heart centered care MFH pioneered in the Central Plateau 16 years ago. For a while, it seemed like that dream would never take shape, never coalesce beyond whisps of hope and good intentions. But with your support, love, and perseverance, we are on track to open officially the second week in January!

Now this is Haiti, and we are used to delays beyond our control. But no matter what, our community will soon have a safe and beautiful space in which to birth, and our students will be learning out of hospital birth skills in a peaceful environment.

Was it worth it? The many sleepless nights worried about funding? The bureaucratic hiccups? The countless messages and meetings with community leaders, trying so hard to take everyone’s needs into account? 100% YES! Nothing is more important than this, the ability to provide safe, evidence based, culturally affirming women’s healthcare. Women are the fabric of society, the glue that holds families and communities together year after year, generation, after generation. To care for women in an absolute honor, and to do this in one’s own community is grace in action.

Carrie Wortham Birth Center - End of Year Campaign – Lights in the Darkness

We are extremely proud of the Carrie Wortham Birth Center, located about an hour from Hinche, in the small village of Fombrun. Our fantastic contractor has hired all unskilled laborers from Fombrun, with an emphasis on women workers, and those youth wishing to learn a trade. Our Community Advisory Committee is always there to keep us on the right path, always guiding our wants towards what the community needs.

And you! We couldn’t have done this without your help and your encouragement. We are so close to opening. Right now we need another $12,000 to paint this beautiful building, as well as another $10,000 for furniture and supplies.

The easiest way to help us finish this and other projects is with a recurring monthly gift. Monthly gifts allow our budget to be the most accurate it can be and give us the ability to plan future upgrades.

Please use this link for a monthly gift:  Monthly Giving Page – Midwives For Haiti

Or follow this link for a one time donation:  Donate Form – Midwives For Haiti

$100 per month pays the salary of our new part time support staff at the birth center. It pays for food for our students to eat during long night shifts. It pays for life saving medications for a mother with pre-eclampsia.

It pays for dreams.

Love always,

Jane Drichta
Jane Drichta
Executive Director
Midwives for Haiti

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