Our 2017 Annual Impact Report Is Here! - Midwives For Haiti

Our 2017 Annual Impact Report Is Here!

Dear Friends-

Happy International Women’s Day! It is with great honor that, on this special day, we share with you our 2017 Annual Impact Report. The report highlights the growing number of women our programs are serving and the increasing reach of our graduates.

The year ahead is exciting: we are welcoming our tenth class of skilled birth attendants to an expanded education program and a brand new Pink Land Cruiser is on its way to us via Rotary International.

Our progress toward safer birth for all women and babies in Haiti is only possible because of your support. Thank you.

We welcome your feedback and questions about our work and would be grateful if you shared our 2017 Annual Impact Report with your friends and family.





Jessica Jordan, CNM, MSN
Executive Director, Midwives For Haiti


(Cover photo: Cheryl Hanna-Truscott)