Happy Spring! - Midwives For Haiti

Happy Spring!

Dear Ones,

Happy Spring! Personally, I have never needed this season more after the past year! Signs of growth and rebirth are all around us, and nowhere is this more true than here at Midwives for Haiti. Our students are in the last stretch before graduation, after an extended break in 2020 for Covid-19, and we are having an absolute baby boom here in the beautiful Central Plateau. Our hospital, Ste. Therese, is bursting at the seams, and we are seeing hundreds of women weekly at our community clinics. New life is everywhere!

The theme of this year’s spring fundraising campaign is “Making a Difference, Building a Community” and we invite you to join us as we journey outwards, as we seek to make a difference in the world outside our campus walls. Come with us and learn how our students, staff, and graduates are building on the values we live here at MFH, creating real and lasting contributions to their communities. Each of them impacts the lives of so many others, in their own unique way.

Making a Difference Building a Community

Many of you have been involved with MFH for years and years, while others have come to join our family more recently. We could not do this work without you, and without your financial support we could not impact our little corner of the world in the way that we do. From our students who are the next generation of compassionate birth providers, to our hospital midwives who work so tirelessly under such difficult conditions, to our community and birth center staff who see the crushing effects of systemic poverty every day, all of us are grateful for your support.

We ask for your help as we continue to create strong families and communities, and we look forward to sharing our campaign with you during the month of May.

Mesi anpil,
Jane Drichta
Executive Director
Midwives for Haiti