*Due to Covid19, not all activities are available

Hinche Moto Tour

For volunteers who are interested in the town of Hinche, we provide a town tour by motorcycle. This includes the market, the river, the downtown plaza, and other major points of interest. Check out the interesting historical monuments, and get a taste of everyday life here in Haiti.

Bassin Zim

Visit this beautiful spring fed waterfall, located about 45 minutes from Hinche. Volunteers can enjoy swimming and hiking, and viewing ancient cave paintings. There is a small entrance fee of 5 USD.

Maison Fortune Orphanage

Veteran volunteers are well acquainted with this site, as it served as our previous housing location. The orphanage is home to over 100 girls, ranging in age from 4-22. You can contribute to their mission by teaching life skills and reproductive health lessons. Transportation and a translator are provided for you.

Kreyol Lessons

Lessons are available in the evenings for $5 a lesson. This is a separate charge and is given directly to the Volunteer Coordinator. Our staff is always happy to practice with you!


If you would like to attend a religious service while you are here, Hinche is home to several denominations. Roman Catholic, Episcopalian and Baptist churches are all a short moto ride from our house, and this can be quite a cultural experience, as well as a religious one.

Local Artisans

Every Friday, vendors come and set out their handcrafted sculpture, jewelry, paintings and other local art outside our gate. We encourage you to take advantage of these unique souvenirs, and support our local artists.

Azil Feeding Center

Run by the Sisters of Charity, the feeding center is a short drive from the MFH house, and a valuable place to spend an hour. The center provides nutrition and basic medical care to malnourished children in the area. The children board at the center, until they are healthy enough to be released. Volunteers can assist with feedings, support the Sisters and staff, or play games with the toddlers. They also welcome visitors to evening mass.

*Due to Covid19, not all activities are available