#MFHStrongerTogether - Midwives For Haiti


Dear Ones,

The past few months have been like nothing we, as a global family, have ever experienced. We have all watched as the horror of COVID-19 spread across the  world, with no regard for political, economic or social divisions. And as always, the communities hardest hit, are the ones with the fewest resources.

However, I have worked all over the world, as a practicing midwife and in operations, and one thing is certain: when the chips come down hard, there is always, always a core group of people who come together to help. And for Midwives for Haiti, you are those people. Your willingness to support our programming even in the midst of unprecedented challenges, is beautiful and inspiring.

This May, we are looking forward to sharing our Spring Campaign with you. Obviously, the need is greater than ever, but our organization’s passion for the work still shines through. Our theme is Stronger Together: Our Passion in Action.

We look forward to sharing the words and experiences of our Haitian staff on the front lines with you, as they describe their passion through videos, photographs and words. Our Haitian staff is the heart and soul of MFH, and their work in the central plateau is making real change.

80% of our graduates are working in 54 health centers throughout Haiti, including 2 Heads Of Midwifery. 30% of all trained birth attendants working in Haiti are graduates of the Nadene Brunk Eads School! Our midwives caught 258 babies at the Carrie Wortham Birth Center, and 2966 at Ste Therese Hospital in Hinche. And, in extremely exciting news, since 2017, the maternal mortality rate at Ste Therese has been reduced from 6.18 deaths per 1000 to 5 per 1000! And, the neonatal mortality rate has also gone down from 64 per 1000 births to 61 per 1000 births.

I cannot stress enough the importance of this campaign. MFH has been hit by several crises in a row, including the incredible civil unrest last autumn, and now COVID-19. Like many others, our ability to continue this work is uncertain, as our expenses are overwhelming, due to our virus response. Please donate online or by sending a check to Midwives For Haiti, 7130 Glen Forest Ave. Suite 101, Richmond, VA 23226. We encourage recurring monthly gifts, so we can budget more accurately. And at MFH, every single gift is important. 87 cents out of every dollar goes to programming, 8 cents goes to administrative costs, and 5 cents goes to fundraising.

Thank you for once again supporting Midwives for Haiti, financially, by sharing our work, or simply being there to lend a hand or an ear. We are definitely Stronger Together!

Thank you for once again supporting Midwives for Haiti, financially, by sharing our work, or simply being there to lend a hand or an ear. We are definitely Stronger Together!

Love Always,

Jane Drichta
Executive Director
Midwives for Haiti