The second week of our spring campaign - Midwives For Haiti

The second week of our spring campaign

Dear Ones,

The virus continues to spread in Haiti and I am sad to report that it has now come to Hinche and Ste. Therese Hospital. Luckily, the hospital has enough tests at this time that people with the virus are being identified, isolated, and if needed, transported to Port Au Prince.

And even though we expected this day to come, it is nonetheless difficult. Supplies of personal protective equipment are limited and prices for lifesaving drugs are rising daily. We worry that civil unrest will break out, further complicating an already unstable situation. And, this year of all years, therains have not yet come. Soon food supply will be affected, and even more families will go hungry.

I’m proud to say we were amongst the first organizations to implement strict social distancing and hygiene procedures, and were proactive in educating our communities in hand washing and other public health messages. Our staff is educated and prepared. But they know they are on the frontlines, and our resources are, of course, limited.

We do know we cannot respond adequately to these developments without your generosity, and we thank you for all your continued support. As of today, we have raised $23, 454! We are so very grateful to all of you, and please know that we consider all of you part of the Midwives for Haiti Family. Thank you for proving we are stronger together!

Love always,
Jane Drichta
Executive Director
Midwives for Haiti

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