Midwives For Haiti: Best 6 of 2017

Midwives For Haiti: Top 6 of 2017


Here’s our best of 2017, from social media to stories from Haiti:


1.  Nevertheless, she persisted.

Our Founder and Executive Director receives the Distinguished Service Award from the American College of Nurse Midwives. Watch the introduction and Nadene’s emotional speech.


2. Nevertheless, midwives persisted.

The Carrie Wortham Birth Center opened it’s doors in Nov 2015 in a community where the maternal mortality rate was 3x the national average and 1 in 5 children did not reach age 5. The birth center was the first- and remains the only- medical center in Cabestor. The amazing skilled birth attendants- Nelta, Eclide, and Anise- all Midwives For Haiti graduates, have managed hundreds of births and provided thousands of prenatal and postnatal care visits in this remote community. Several of these births have been highly complicated. In fact, the skilled birth attendants have managed the safe deliveries of 11 breech babies and 6 sets of twins. “Not because we want to!” the midwives say. They counsel women who might need higher care to go to the hospital. But when mothers arrive in labor and it is too late to make it to the hospital, a 1.5 hour journey that crosses 22 rivers and streams, the skilled birth attendants do what must be done because their skills are the only option available. Not a single mother or baby has been lost since the birth center was opened.


3.  The World Took More Notice

Maternal health in Haiti and the work of Midwives For Haiti was featured in The Washington Post, Marie Claire UK, The Lily, along with many other local and national publications. We’re grateful the word is getting out!


4. A Love Story, Plus Retirement!

After a decade working along side each other, our Executive Director and Medical Director fell in love… and they finally got married! It’s a love story for the books! The lovebirds are retiring at the end of 2018 but, don’t worry, they’ll still be involved in Midwives For Haiti. Jessica Jordan, CNM, is taking the reins and we’re thrilled!


5. The Most Tears Shed Over a Blog

Our most read blog this year tells the hard stories of several patients and the reality we face on the ground. Read The Stories That Need To Be Told. Runner up is 27 Intimate Birth Photos From Haiti.


6. Triplets!

Triplets born vaginally at 29 weeks -and caught by Midwives For Haiti students- were the stars of social media. See more on Facebook.


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What’s in store for 2018?

Lots! We’re graduating the 9th Class of 32 skilled birth attendants in February and beginning the 10th class in March. The Mobile Prenatal Clinic will visit 23 remote villages each month, more matwòns will be trained, patients will continue to receive postnatal care in the hospital and follow up home visits, and the midwives at the Carrie Wortham Birth Center will continue welcoming moms with open arms. Learn more about our programs: the what, they why and the how here.

Want to get involved or volunteer? We always need medical volunteers in Haiti, social media ambassadors, administrative help at our US office in Richmond, VA, and the monetary and in-kind donations to keep us going. Learn more.

(Cover photo: Cheryl Hanna-Truscott)