The first week of our spring campaign! - Midwives For Haiti

The first week of our spring campaign!

Dear Ones,

The first week of our spring campaign, “Stronger Together: Our Passion in Action” is under our belts, and I am delighted to share we have collected over $16,000! Your generosity and kindness in these uncertain times is so appreciated. You all are definitively showing that we are Stronger Together.

While things are becoming more dire in Haiti with over 100 cases of confirmed Covid-19, our staff continues to provide outstanding service delivery. Our hospital Ste Therese in Hinche, h as been designated a regional referral facility, and coronavirus cases are being isolated in the repurposed cholera building. And although Ste Therese is trying its absolute best, the need for personal protective equipment for our midwives and staff, as well as for Covid positive mothers, remains critical. We have procured contracts with local Haitian suppliers to sew masks and gowns for us, thus also stimulating the economy, so you may be sure your donations are being well spent.

In school news, our students are not able to attend class in person, but we are one of the very few educational facilities in Haiti trying to implement distance learning. Thank you to long time volunteer Sarah Taylor for arranging for each of our students to have their own Midwives for Haiti tablet! When we received this generous donation at the beginning of the school year, we never expected they would be used in the context of a pandemic. We do have access issues for some students, and the lack of
consistent power and internet takes its toll. However, our students are eager to remain engaged in their learning, and we will continue to work towards digital teaching as much as we can.

Of course, we are missing our Haitian family immensely. The stress caused by the pandemic, whether financial, personal, or professional, is immense. However, we know our staff on the ground is doing an excellent job, and that MFH is leading the way not only in outstanding maternal healthcare delivery, but in virus response as well. Thanks to your continued help, we will continue to show the world that indeed we are Stronger Together!

Love always,

Jane Drichta
Executive Director
Midwives for Haiti