The lovely Adeline Timay, one of 30 students in our new Class 8, recently shared a bit more about herself and her path to our program. Highlighting these amazing women and men- the future change makers of maternal and infant health in Haiti!- is one of our greatest joys.

Where are you from?

I come from Dèsarmes, in the Verrettes commune, near St. Marc.

What were you doing before you started class at Midwives for Haiti?

I knew how to do births in the community where I lived. The clinic didn’t do deliveries anymore, but we had a little building where we always did births. I worked with Breath of Life Haiti.

Why did you come to the class at Midwives for Haiti?

I wanted to get more experience in the domain of childbirth and midwifery.

What do you like about the class so far?

I like that it is already increasing my knowledge and understanding. I like that the program is giving me more capacity to do good work in my community.

What are you going to do when you finish here?

After I finish, I will go work in the Dèsarmes community. Then, if there is urgent need for midwives in other, more remote areas, I will go with a mobile clinic.

When did you decide to become a midwife?

I decided when there was a complication with a woman in labor with twins. I realized I needed more knowledge and skill to handle that kind of birth.