A New Year’s Wish - Midwives For Haiti

A New Year’s Wish

Dear Ones,

At the end of this year and decade, I find it natural to draw inwards a bit, reflecting on past experiences, and hoping to learn from those lessons.
Midwives for Haiti had an intense year to say the least. Saying goodbye to Jessica as Executive Director, experiencing first hand the intense civil unrest, worrying about our wonderful staff, working through financial challenges…it has been a whirlwind! But even in a whirlwind one can find moments of peace, and my moments have all revolved around how supported and cared for you all have made us feel during this tumultuous time.

Whoever you are, a past volunteer, a friend or family member of our staff, a Board member, one of our wonderful grantors, or a supporter of equity in women’s health, whenever we put out the call, you were
there. You all stepped up with emergency supplies, with money to help us ship them, with good wishes and with love for our patients, students, and team.

My wish for all of you in the coming year is that each of you experience the same connection and support in your lives as you made us feel. In an increasingly fragmented world, I saw first hand the impact we can have as we join together, and it was beautiful.

The challenges will continue, as that is the nature of Haiti and of the world. We will continue to need your support as the year goes on. The financial burden remains, and the political situation is still unpredictable, but our gratitude and appreciation for our relationships with you all are strong and true.

A very Happy New Year to you and yours, as we continue to work together to bring invaluable care to the people of Haiti!

Love always,