Class 10 Graduation! - Midwives For Haiti

Class 10 Graduation!

On Sunday, May 26, 2019, Midwives For Haiti celebrated the graduation of our 10th class. It was also coincidentally Mother’s Day in Haiti! The significance of these two special days coinciding is not lost on us. Our 29 skilled birth attendants will go on to work in hospitals and clinics throughout Haiti. Their intense, 14 month course was challenging and we are confident in their ability to provide safe, respectful maternity care to the woman of Haiti! Felisitasyon!

Lead Instructor Limone Clerveau, Nurse Midwife and Education Director Diane Rousseau, CNM, MSN pause for a photo before festivities begin. (Photo: Jennifer Burns)
Proud Mom & Graduate, Orsel Sterline Gagerie, poses with her 4 year old son. (Photo: Jennifer Burns)
Processional (Photo: Daisy Grochowski)
Class #9 passes the torch to Class #10. (Photo: Daisy Grochowski)
Executive Director, Jessica Jordan, Education Director, Diane Rousseau, and Clinical Director, Perrine Stock, look onward during the ceremony. (Photo: Jennifer Burns)
Soloist, Katline Volcimus, wows the audience with her vocal skills. (Photo: Jennifer Burns)
The young daughter of a graduate is by her mother’s side for the ceremony! (Photo: Jennifer Burns)
Such joy! (Photo: Jennifer Burns)
Graduates take the Midwifery Oath!
(Video: Jennifer Burns)
They did it! (Photo: Daisy Grochowski )
Left to right: Preceptor, Genette Thelesmond, Graduate Irlaine Aimable, Preceptor Esther Louis, Graduate Judithe Jean-Etienne. (Photo: Jennifer Burns)
Dr. Celestin, head of OBGYN at St. Therese Hospital, receives an appreciation award on behalf of MFH in recognition of his support of our program. Pictured here with Clinical Director, Perrine Stock. (Photo: Jennifer Burns)
Program and Partnership Director, Jean Mariot Cleophat with Volunteer Coordinator, Miriam Desgazon. (Photo: Jennifer Burns)

And lastly, we will leave you with this video of our proud & happy grads…

(Video: Jennifer Burns)

Learn more about our education program and hiring our graduates in Haiti.

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