COVID 19 Arrives in Haiti - Midwives For Haiti

COVID 19 Arrives in Haiti

Dear Ones,

I hope that wherever you are in the world, you are beginning to see some signs of spring. In Haiti the winter dry season is juuuussstttt beginning to ease, and soon the rains will be back in earnest.

And while Spring is traditionally the season for new beginnings and hope, we have hit another rough season here at Midwives for Haiti. On Thursday, Haiti reported its first two confirmed cases of COVID 19. The president addressed the nation, and as of midnight on 20 March, the airports and seaports were shut down. Schools are closed, and people may not gather in groups of more than 10.

Thus, in accordance with these new regulations, the Nadene Brunk Eads School will shut temporarily.

As of Tuesday, 17 March, we had already suspended our volunteer program. This was a difficult decision to make, as we were just beginning to recover from our shutdown last autumn.

If you are scheduled to arrive in the next 45 days, I would encourage you to get in touch with Brett at if you need assistance transferring your deposit to a different week, or with a refund. Anna, our volunteer coordinator, can be reached at to chat about your options.

Clearly, it will be incredibly difficult to absorb the effect of this latest hit, the novel coronavirus, in addition to the usual political and economic crises which envelop Haiti at the best of times. Once again, we will need your help, especially as we are committed to paying our employees through this furlough period.

Volunteers are everything to us at MFH. The strong social bonds we have developed with both new and returning volunteers helps so much with morale, and the supply chain we have established through the volunteers is vital to our survival. Those of you who have come to visit us before can attest that we offer incredible value for your money, as well as a chance to work alongside Haitian health professionals, experts in this community. We love working with you!

If you are the in a group healthcare practice, a hospital maternity ward, or simply want to help the program of your choice, check out our new program, “Stronger Together: A Twinning Program.” ( any sized monthly donation, you can be featured on our website and called in on our social media channels. You will also receive discounts on any volunteer fees, if you (or a colleague or family member) might wish to come visit when all is well

Twinning programs have been shown to enhance cooperation across international boundaries, and have benefits for both extender and receiver. I heartily encourage you to become a twin at MFH.Contact me at and I will happily discuss more details with you!.

We so appreciate our MFH family, and how we are able to use creative methods to support each other. If you have any questions around our COVID-19 response, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me at or on WhatsApp on +12068506993.

Love always,