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Good News for Spring 2021!

Good News for Spring!

Dear Ones,

What a February it has been! Between the wild weather all over the US, vaccine roll outs, and everything else that is going on…whew! Time for some good news! We have tabulated our impact numbers from 2020 and it’s official! Even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, Midwives for Haiti continues to provide compassionate, evidence based care in the Central Plateau.

A few of our highlights from 2020:

In 2020, we conducted 6252 prenatal visits, as well as 409 postnatal appointments at our 8 community clinics. We conduct these clinics in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health and Population.

257 babies were born peacefully at the Carrie Wortham Birth Center in Cabestor. We conducted 2178 prenatal appointments, 715 postpartum visits, and 174 home follow ups, for a total of 3224 patient contacts.

At Ste Therese Hospital in Hinche, our midwives and students caught 3119 babies in 2020, and there were 4845 prenatal visits as well as 3666 postpartum appointments. The neonatal death rate at the hospital fell from 6.1% in 2019 to 5.3% in 2020, a stunning achievement in the midst of a pandemic!

Like students all over the world, our midwifery cohort was directly affected by the pandemic, and the Nadene Brunk Eads School students were sent home for six months. However, thanks to a generous donation arranged by long time volunteer Sarah Taylor, the students had access to personal tablets, so we were able to create opportunities for distance learning. And when the students returned, they had a brand new outdoor classroom, thanks to our donor family. The outdoor classroom seats all of our students two meters apart, in compliance with government social distancing regulations.

The students of Class 11 are set to graduate in September of 2021, and Class 12 will begin in October!

And in other good news, our clinical director, educational director and myself are delighted be travelling back to Haiti in mid March.  We have been lucky to receive our vaccines, and are ready to return to our work in the field! 

As the case numbers fall worldwide, we are looking forward to the time we can welcome our volunteers back.  We hope it will not be too long!

If you are looking for a way to help, we are collecting donations to take down with us. We are particularly interested in fetal dopplers (either new or used), blood pressure cuffs, and gloves. We are still in the midst of a severe glove shortage in Haiti, as all imports of PPE are not allowed at this time. This has severely affected us, as I’m sure you can imagine. Our staff are bleaching and re-using gloves just to have enough for all of our patients, which is simply untenable.

If you feel drawn to help us with these needs, here are some easy links to follow:

Blood pressure cuff:   PARAMED Aneroid Sphygmomanometer – Manual Blood Pressure Cuff with Universal Cuff 8.7 – 16.5″ and D-Ring – Carrying Case in The kit – Black – Stethoscope Not Included

Fetal doppler:  Buy Online Sonoline B Fetal Doppler with 3MHz Doppler Probe Baby Doppler

Gloves: Wostar Synthetic Nitrile Gloves 3 Mil Pack of 100 Latex Free Disposable Gloves…: Home Improvement  (Size Medium)

These can be sent to:  
Midwives For Haiti Unit #1036
5202 W. Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23230

If a monetary donation is easier, please use this link:  www.midwivesforhaiti/donate   

Together we can continue to provide the excellent education and care for which MFH is known!

Love always,

Jane Drichta
Executive Director
Midwives for Haiti

Check out Some scenes from around Hinche, our in country headquarters!

Our international staff and volunteers can’t wait to return!

Pictures from Haiti, around Hinche, our in country headquarters