Why It Matters

Why It Matters: Mobile Clinic

Dear Friends of Midwives For Haiti-

The work that we do in Haiti does not occur under just one roof. Our Mobile Prenatal Clinic travels to remote locations where, without our mobile unit, the women seen would not have access to consistent prenatal care and medical support during their pregnancies. On a single day, the midwives expect to see up to 100+ women.  The medical impact of these visits is immense. One would expect that with such a large volume of patients, it is next to impossible to remember every expectant mother that comes through.  How would they notice if one woman they had seen before did not turn up again?  But our midwives go above and beyond.

The Mobile Clinic in Fombrun sees up to 120 women on a single day. Photo: Beth Passini Carlson

Last fall, after a long day of seeing patients, the midwives noticed that a woman they had seen at prior clinics had not returned. They learned from other patients that the woman was in labor. The midwives asked to be taken to the woman’s house. By the time they arrived the woman was very near the end of labor, so the midwives stayed and caught her baby. Later, a student who was with them told me what she saw. With awe in her face, she said, “After the delivery, the woman started bleeding heavily. The midwives massaged her uterus and gave her misoprostol. Soon the bleeding stopped. If we had not been there, there would have been no clean place on the floor for her to deliver and she would have bled to death.”

This is just one example of how our Mobile Prenatal Clinic and the midwives are saving lives. During their clinics, these midwives find complications of pregnancy every day that can lead to death for the mother and/or baby. They change this outcome, working tirelessly to provide over 6,000 patient visits in 23 villages every year.

We set up where we can. Jacksonville Mobile Clinic. Photo: Cheryl Hanna-Truscott

The Mobile Prenatal Clinic supplies and medications are entirely donor funded. That means that while the midwives did the work, it is supporters like you that saved that mother’s life.

There are more lives to be saved. To do that we need your help.  As a nonprofit we simply cannot function without donor support from folks like yourself. A typical patient walks 2-3 hours in every stage of pregnancy to get to our clinics and her only option for maternity care. Every $100 you give provides life-saving skilled care and medication to 10 mothers.

A healthy mother and baby thanks to the Mobile Clinic in Randejoie. Photo: Summer Aronson

Our ability to deliver care to the women of rural Haiti depends upon the support we receive through this campaign. The mothers of Haiti have come to rely on our services and their expectation for healthcare has increased in doing so. In order to keep our promises to the families in Haiti and maintain our current support, we must raise $60,000 by May 15.

Please give generously and help us bring help and hope to more mothers in rural Haiti this year. Please click here to give securely online.

You can also start an online fundraiser and share it with your family and friends to amplify your impact for Mobile Clinic.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Nadene Brunk, CNM, MSN

Founder + Executive Director