Update week #1 - Spring Campaign 2021 - Midwives For Haiti

Update week #1 – Spring Campaign 2021

Dear Ones,

We are so excited to be sharing our campaign content with you this spring! This is one of two major fundraising campaigns we conduct annually, and we depend heavily on your financial support.

Your support of our students’ education at the Nadene Brunk Eads School, the only midwifery school in Haiti which provides a postgraduate level clinical course, completely FREE to the students. With over 30% of trained birth attendants (a designation which includes midwives, ob-gyns, and labor and delivery nurses) in Haiti as our alumni, we are truly making a difference!

Our school teaches a true Midwifery Model of Care, one based in strong evidence based care and compassion. Our students are taught from Day 1 that women matter, that each mother contributes to humanity in a unique and beautiful way. Our students respect every woman’s innate dignity, regardless of their background or status. This is who we are at Midwives for Haiti.

Making a difference - Our Students are taught

It is no secret that things have been especially difficult in Haiti this past year. Class 11 has had to face unique challenges, including a six month shut down for Covid-19 and horrid political unrest and violence. Yet, through it all, they have persevered and are in the final stage of their clinical experiences before graduation in August. We look forward to them taking their rightful place in the global community of midwives!

Our new class will start at the beginning of Oct, after a rigorous selection process. We are asking for your help, as the costs associated with a new class are, of course, considerable. With every dollar you give, please think of the lives these students will touch, the families that will flourish, and the communities that will benefit.

Love always,
Jane Drichta
Executive Director
Midwives for Haiti

Check out our Campaign Launch Video!

Our spring fundraising campaign Making a Difference, Building a Community began on the International Day of the Midwife!

We hope you are inspired to join our family of supporters!