Spotlight: Esthere Louis, Preceptor - Midwives For Haiti

Spotlight: Esthere Louis, Preceptor

To accommodate our doubled class size this year, we hired another preceptor, Esthère Louis. The 30 students (who began classes this week!) will rotate between the classroom and their clinical lessons. We sat down with Esthère as she prepared to welcome Class 8.

What does it mean to be a midwife in Haiti?

As a midwife, you are there so that you can help patients in need – need being dangers for moms and for babies. You’re there to save them.

What is your greatest hope?

In general, I hope that the school can have the capacity take on more students, and for Nadene to get more students, because the school is very important. It means that many women who would’ve died will not die. We want to reduce maternal mortality.

What are you hoping for in your new job?

I would like for my work to be fruitful, so we [preceptors] can share our knowledge with the students, and then when they are graduated and move on to jobs of their own, they can take their knowledge and respect for patients with them. We will do everything we can to help them understand everything we know, so that when they graduate, they can do great work: so everyone congratulates them on their work and so that Nadene is very proud of them and the work they are doing.

I would love to thank everyone so much for the support they give the school and I want to ask for them to always think of us. Even though life can become difficult and expensive, we hope they will always think of us.