End of Year Fundraising Campaign Update 1 - Midwives For Haiti

End of Year Fundraising Campaign Update 1

Dear Ones,

We are a week into our campaign, and I’m just so delighted and grateful for your response. We are a. quarter of the way through the campaign, and so far we have raised $28,541! The economic situation in Haiti is quite grave at the moment, and the dollar has lost half its value. This means that our purchasing power in Haiti has been cut in half, and our budget for basic necessities such as medication and supplies cost much more than they used to. Thank you so much for stepping into this gap with us!
We have already done so much good work in Haiti. In 2006, when Nadene Brunk held the first classes outside under a tree, 75% of women gave birth without a trained birth attendant. By 2017, this number had dropped to 58%. As 30% of trained birth attendants working in Haiti are our graduates, the impact is clear. Trained birth attendants save lives. They preserve families and communities.
Our students and staff continue their work, and are looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Traditionally the holidays are a time to spend with families, exchange gifts and relax together. Although our celebrations in the US may look a little different this year, we at MFH are thinking of each and every one of you, our family of supporters. With your generous donations, we will continue to serve the people of the Central Plateau, one mother at a time.
Love always,

Jane Drichta
Executive Director
Midwives for Haiti