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Mobile Clinic: Fombrun, Ayiti (Photo Essay)

We started off driving through some seemingly impassable roads to the distant mobile clinic of Fombrun.







As we drove up a throng of pregnant women swarmed our vehicle to help unpack it and carry the many large, heavy items needed 1/4 mile down the dirt path to the building used as a clinic.







Inspiring to watch this very pregnant woman carry this large jug of water to the clinic. Since there isn’t any water available, we bring our own.







The empty room where we set up our clinic. Little did I know all the action this room would see today!







Some of the 120 pregnant women we saw today listening to one of the mobile clinic midwives, Marie Ange, educating them on the importance of nutrition and reviewing the warning signs of pregnancy and when to seek help.







It took us 2 hours to get blood pressures on all of the women. We had 4 midwives and no other staff. So 2 of us did BPs and 2 did intakes and testing for the many first time women. We found one woman with a very high blood pressure of 170/104 with headache, swelling and 4+ protein in her urine. So they gave her a 5gm shot of Mag and some oral hydrolazine and made a corner in the room for her to rest until the end of the day when we drove her to the hospital in Hinche to be treated and induced.







After finding that a mother was indeed in labor, we pulled out the clean birth kit from the Land Cruiser. A placenta bowl, a bulb syringe, clean string to tie off the cord and a sterile blade to cut the cord. Super simple but it had everything we needed.







Mom and baby got skin to skin right after delivery and before I tied off the cord.







Weighing baby. I love using this scale!







Mom was gracious enough to give me permission to take pics and even asked to have me in one.







Beautiful baby boy!







Meanwhile…. on the other part of the small room the prenatal visits continued while I was tied up with the birth. I took this picture from the foot of the table the new mom and baby were laying on. The pre-eclamptic mama we were treating was laying in the other corner of the room.







Amazing pre-eclamptic mama, post IM mag holding her own catheter and walking down the path for us to give her a potentially lifesaving ride to the hospital in Hinche. I am anxious to work in the hospital tomorrow and check in on her.







The last pic is of the super strong mama who just gave birth 2 hours earlier, packing up her things with her family and getting ready to make the long trek back home. The strength and grace of these women is awe inspiring!







ALL of the patients seen at this Mobile Clinic- and the 22 other clinics each month- are provided for by the monetary donations by our supporters. It costs $10 to bring prenatal care to a rural mother in Haiti. Please give now and make pregnancy and birth safer for more mothers. Your gift is tax-deductible in the U.S. and goes directly to keeping the Mobile Prenatal Clinic on the road all year round.


Photos and words by volunteer midwife, Beth Passini Carlson. To volunteer with Midwives For Haiti, please click here.