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Photos + Video: Class 10 is here!

It is our greatest honor to welcome 30 Haitian nurses of Class 10 to the Nadene Brunk Eads School in Hinche, Haiti. We’ve spent the week getting to know each other, preparing our community outreach projects, and laying the foundation for the next 14 months. Here are some photos and short videos, and feel free to share this post!

Some of our texts were translated into Haitian Creole, printed in the US, and carried as luggage to Haiti. Thank you to our volunteers for help supplying our students with notebooks and extra materials!

Already hard at work!

Students are creating visual education tools for their community outreach projects.


Watch these short videos of Class 10 signing and dancing about maternal health, guaranteed to make you smile:

Learn more about what we do and get involved.

Photos and video: Phuong Tran